Sherman Army Airfield
 Leavenworth Municipal Airport
The Joint-Use Airport at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

KFLV, Sherman Army Airfield and Leavenworth Municipal Airport is a joint use airport located on the northern portion of Fort Leavenworth, 3 miles north of the City of Leavenworth.


Civilian air traffic may land and takeoff without any prior notice or permission. Military Prior Permission Required regulations are not applicable.


Fort Leavenworth is a secured military installation. Security is provided by highly trained and skilled professional soldiers and civilians commanded by the Fort Leavenworth Garrison Commander and the Director of Fort Leavenworth Department of Emergency Services.  Fort Leavenworth Military Police are augmented by Department of the Army Civilian Police (DACP)  DACP are uniformed civilian police officers of the United States Army. Their function is to conduct Fort Leavenworth force protection duties to include ensuring that only authorized personnel access the installation by performing identification checks at the three Fort Leavenworth vehicle access gates, (aka -- entry control points). 


Because Fort Leavenworth is a controlled access installation, it is possible the force protection posture may prevent immediate access to civilians seeking access to the airfield.  While access may take longer at some times, passing through the gates normally takes less than thirty minutes.  On rare occasions the installation is closed to all vehicle access for force protection exercises.  These periods do not prevent access to the airfield from the air.  Persons who need street access to the airfield during these times can receive current gate information by calling (913) 684-3600.


All visitor traffic must use Grant Gate located at 7th Street and Metropolitan Avenue.  The gate is open twenty four hours a day.  Individuals without a Department of Defense identification card will need to go to the Sherman Gate Visitors Center on Metropolitan Avenue and Fourth Street.  A valid government I.D. and proof of vehicle insurance are required for vehicle access onto the installation.  More details can be found at the gate information web site.

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